‘1000 in for 1000’ is a strategic initiative to build a distinct and significant group of donors who partner with us to support Acts 29 prayerfully and financially. Launching and materially sustaining church-planting churches in Gospel Priority Areas costs money; our desire is to be able to confidently resource work that is already underway and to support church planters where gospel growth is a long work but with a rich harvest.


Managing our finances well and fundraising are key enablers to grow our diverse, global family of church-planting churches and to take the gospel into communities where Jesus is neither named nor known.

By God’s grace, our 2018 fundraising target of $800,000 was achieved through the generosity of regular donors and the October Fundraiser in Dallas, where we were able to share the progress of the Urban Poor collaborative (Church in Hard Places) and launch the Rural Collective. We launched two new fundraising campaigns in the latter part of 2018: Giving Tuesday / End of Year giving and 1000 in for 1000. Giving Tuesday / EOY will become part of our regular fourth quarter activity; the 1000 campaign is ongoing and - along with other initiatives - aims to raise $1.3 million during 2019 and in subsequent years.

We continue to see our Networks as a key aspect of our global family. We are therefore increasing our grant to $1.4 million across the Networks. Underpinning them is our Central Resource Team that continues to support the Networks and wider family by providing resources, communication, IT and finances.

In July 2019 we will host our biennial Global Gathering in Orlando, Florida. We hope that this will be a significant event for our family of churches, as we gather to rejoice and be encouraged by what the Lord is doing amongst us. This, along with the collaboratives, holds a high priority in the 2019 budget. Our three collaboratives are now up and running, catalyzing church planting across the Gospel Priority Areas we have identified: urban poor, rural, and Islam. They will continue in 2019 to work alongside our Networks, supporting church planting in these respective areas.

The Board have reviewed this budget and are satisfied that it is achievable and falls within our reserve’s limits. We are very thankful for God’s provision for this work and for the generosity of his people to enable us – as a diverse, global family of church-planting churches – to do what we do. We welcome your prayers and support for Acts 29 fundraising as 2019 holds greater funding challenges.